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Smoke without rolling? With cannabis pre-rolls, it has never been easier to have the best cannabis experience. Tired of carrying your equipment, measuring, and failing to make exactly the same blunts? No worries, pre-rolls are the epitome of ease for those who want to smoke and not roll.

PreRoll FAQ's

A pre-roll is a ready-to-smoke joint or cigarette filled with cannabis flower, pre-packaged and pre-rolled for you. Pre-rolls are sold in individual or multi-packs, they come in different strains and sizes and you can find them in dispensaries. They are an excellent choice for those lacking the time, tools, or skills to roll their own. The most famous types of pre-rolls are flower, concentrate, and infused. Size-wise there are regular, mini, and king sizes, perfect for different needs and preferences.

A pre roll blunt is is a ready-to-smoke joint made using a thicker and more durable cigar or blunt wrap. Blunt wraps are usually made from tobacco leaves and are known for their flavor and longer-lasting smoke. The main difference between a pre-rool and a pre-roll blunt is the type of rolling paper used. 

Infused pre-rolls are pre-packaged and pre-rolled joints filled with cannabis flower that has been infused with additional substances, such as THC oil or terpenes. The infusion process helps enhance the potency, flavor, and aroma of the pre-roll, providing different effects on the consumer. The effects may vary from euprhoric, balanced, chill and uplifting mood. Unlike regular pre-rolls, infused pre-rolls contain additional ingredients, and are more potent and expensive. Beginners are advised to start with regular pre rolls.

Generally, it is best to use pre-rolls within 3 months of purchase to ensure the best smoking experience. Storage conditions, quality and type of rolling paper used, and the freshness of the cannabis flower have an effect on the shelf life of pre-rolls. Discoloration, off odor, or dried-out herbs are signs that you shouldn’t use the pre-rolls.

Pre-rolls are convenient for the user because of their portability, consistency, and ease of use. The smoker doesn’t have to have the skills, equipment, or knowledge to roll a blunt, just a lighter. Pre-rolls help the consumer have the best smoking experience because they don’t worry about storing the flower, measuring the amount, and rolling the blunt.

We always strive to keep a good variety of pre rolls in stock. In addition to regular pre rolls, we normally stock: Pre roll blunts, Infused Pre Rolls, Pre Roll Packs and more!