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Lemonnade is a top selling cannabis brand in dispensaries. They carry various types of flower, pre-rolls, vapes and more. All products are indoor grown for maximum flavor and potency.



Lemonnade is a brand founded by Growing Passion and a sister brand to Cookies. The brand is famous for high-quality Sativa-focused strains and products. They produce flowers, concentrates, pre-rolls, and vaporizers, and the company controls every step of the seed-to-sale process. The packaging is bright yellow and the design reflects Lemonade's goal of having a fun experience with cannabis.

Other than Sativa flowers, Lemonnade grows hybrids and Indica. Lemmonade is super proud of its Sativa because it has a high dose of THC and the effect of smoking it is increased brain activity. On the other hand, their Indica flower is excellent for relaxation and sleep.

As for vaporizers the brand's menu has its own disposable pens, vape cartridges, and pods, but they've also collaborated with other brands such as Bloom, Big Chief, Cookies, and Jeeter. The most popular vape is "Cake Mix" natural terps, and the ultimate favorite concentrate is "Sweet Tea Diamonds and Sauce". You can buy them for medical or recreational purposes as long as you are 21.

Lemonnade has been voted the #1 Sativa brand in the world, due to its high-quality cannabis, aroma, and flavors. The owners say it is due to their expert breeding and overlooking the whole process from cultivation to sales. Their business is focused on providing high-quality strains in an "ever-changing" community of cannabis lovers.

Since the company was founded in 2015, they've been growing and experimenting with strains. The company has also collaborated with some famous artists, including Rick Ross and Michael Corleone.