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Dank City Delivery Is The Best Weed Delivery Service In Sacramento

Huge Cannabis Product Selection At Our Dispensary

At Dank City delivery you will find all your favorite cannabis products and brands! Our selection includes top-notch flower edibles, pre-rolls, and much more, hand-picked from the best local and regional growers and manufacturers.

Our goal is to provide safe, reliable, and convenient access to a wide range of cannabis products to meet the diverse needs of our customers.- Lemonnade, Stiiizy, Cookies, and Lumpy's are some of the most popular brands in the greater Sacramento area, and we have them! You're looking for something special? We have vapes, extracts, tinctures, CBD and topicals, so our customers can enjoy a wide range of products.

Same Day Delivery

Have the need for weed? No worries, we got you covered with our same day delivery, 9am-8:30pm 7 days a week . Cannabis delivered to your door, covering all delivery areas with a minimum order. The minimum order for most delivery areas is usually $45, but you can double-check when checking out.

Don't let the moment go, and have your medical or recreational weed right away with our top-notch delivery service in Sacramento.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hello and welcome to Dank City Delivery!

To get Started simply navigate to our SHOP section and start shopping! Once you are ready to checkout you will have the ability to create an account and get verified by following the First Time Customer process inside the Checkout. You will have to upload a picture of your State issued California ID to get verified. Medical Patients will need to upload a copy of their State Issued MMIC. Welcome on Board! We hope you Enjoy our Products!

Dank City Delivery

We are happy to offer free delivery with no additional fees, as long as your order meets the minimum order amount required for your area. Most of our delivery areas have a minimum order amount of $60, you can double-check when checking out.

Please note that recent laws and requirements obligate us to charge state, city, and county sales tax, which will be calculated and displayed at the end of the checkout process. You will also receive an email receipt with a clear breakdown of taxes.

Important: If you have a valid state-issued MMIC, you are eligible for a tax break on your purchase, upon showing identification.

Get Your Green Delivered in a Flash! 1-3 Hour Average Delivery Time!

When you order from us, your satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we work hard to get your premium cannabis products to you as quickly as possible. Our average delivery time is a lightning-fast 1-3 hours from the time you place your order and receive confirmation. Keep in mind that delivery time may vary depending on traffic and the number of orders ahead of you, but we'll do our best to deliver asap.

We are not allowed to leave your Order at the Door step. California Law requires us to deliver the Products directly to the member who placed the order and verify his or her Government issued Identification Card

Yes, Dank City Delivers to hotels and resorts in Sacramento, just enter your unit # in the delivery address.

Yes! Just enter your apartment/Unit # on the delivery address.

We are open 9am-8:30pm Monday through Sunday.

Yes! Each Time you Refer somebody to us and they successfully Place an Order and get it Delivered you automatically get $10 in Sacramento Weed Delivery Rewards Bucks you can use on future Purchases. In order to qualify for this Promotion your Referral must give us your Info so we can verify your Profile and add the necessary Points to you. You will then be able to use those earned points to get discounts on future Orders.

We take Debit card, Credit Card, AHC, Cash and other methods are available at checkout.

You are not obligated to tip your delivery driver. Still, if you are satisfied with our delivery service, and products, we encourage you to leave a tip and write a review!

Yes we deliver to your door in all of Sacramento and the surrounding areas. See the full list below.

Just head to our SHOP section, browse our dispensary and find your favorite brand or product. When you're ready to checkout, simply create an account and get verified in just a few quick steps. What do you need?

First-time customers will need to upload a picture of their California ID, and medical patients will need to provide a copy of their state-issued MMIC. In no time, you'll be ready to enjoy the best products on the market!  

Want to order online and get weed delivered today? Start right away, and we'll be there in a flash.