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Sacramento Weed Rewards

Earn Sacramento Weed Rewards Points while you Shop

We want to “Give Back” to you for being a Loyal Customer and offer you exclusive Weed Rewards points you will Earn on every Purchase. 

For every $50 spent you will earn $1 back in Dank City Coins which you can apply to any future Orders.

At times we will run promotions that will increase you rewards points which we will Email and Text out to all current customers.

How to apply Weed Rewards Points to your Order

If placing an Order on the Website mention that you would like to use your Rewards points in the Checkout. You can us up $20 of Dank Coins per transaction.

Ordering through the Dispatch simply ask them to apply your Weed Rewards Points to your Order.

Thank You & Namaste!

Your Sacramento Weed Delivery Service!