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Cookies Sacramento is a cannabis brand producing Top Shelf Flower, Prerolls, Blunts, Vape carts both Disposable and Dual Chamber, Extracts/Concentrates, Edibles, and more.


Cookies Sacramento

Cookies Sacramento is a cannabis brand producing flower, prerolls, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, etc. The brand started off in a San Francisco garage and is now enjoying global growth and worldwide fame. 

The brand's message remained the same. They want innovative, authentic genetics and high-quality products because their products and designs represent their " growing and living the best possible life" attitude.

To achieve their goal, the founders are in charge of every step of the way in their in-house cultivation. From seed to sale, the Cookies owners control their strain-specific products.

They are most known for flower, but their gummies, " Fish scale Vanilla gelato", are also very popular. They are made with rosin for a full-spectrum, long-lasting experience with just one gummy. The effects are " energetic", " happy", and "calm", depending on the individual.

As far as cartridges go, their Huckleberry Gelato cartridge is one of the best on the market.

Cookies also has sister brands and collaborates with other brands to bring fresh products on the market. For example, Cookies has collaborated with GasHouse on a "Granddaddy pluto cartridge". They call them strain-specific, single-source, unadulterated vapes for a more true-to-plant experience.

The playful names and colorful packages make the brand stand out on the shelves, but what keeps the customers returning is their consistency with quality. A lot of their flower ( Gary Payton and Georgia pie) aren't for beginners, according to the owners.

Cookies Sacramento - best-selling products

  • Gary Payton - The aroma is a burnt rubber finish, and the experience is strong.

  • Cheetah Piss - The aroma is lemon cake, and the experience is stoney head high.

  • Cereal Milk - The aroma is sweet and sugary, and the experience is relaxation.