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Boutiq is where cannabis meets art. 

This unique cannabis brand is known for its presence in Venice, California, and beyond. With a focus on art and cannabis, Boutiq stands out as an uncommon player in the cannabis industry, emphasizing the fusion of creativity and cannabis culture. Boutiq infuses every step of their process with passion and artistry, from excellent product design to handcrafted joints. 


They offer products like flower, pre-rolls infused with live diamonds delivered in unique glass jars, and vaporizers with live resin made with 100% natural terpenes. The extracts are sourced from live uncured cannabis frozen at sub-zero cryogenic temperatures. This process captures all the original unaltered terpenes and cannabinoids to deliver you a true-to-plant experience.

They make a point of selecting only the finest components. You can choose from Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid strains.  

Boutiq approaches their craft with care and a commitment to making sure that their cannabis goods are nothing short of top-notch.