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Lets talk about Cannabis Edibles History in Sacramento. Cookies, brownies, gummies, candies, and drinks. All these things can be made into an edible, defined as a food that contains cannabis. Some prefer their edibles to be a certain texture or have very little to no cannabis taste. Edibles can feel very different for different people; but one thing we can agree on is that an edible is much more potent than smoking. For many reasons, certain edibles are stronger than others, not just for their THC content, but also for their preferred extraction. So, what makes an edible more potent than smoking alone, and why are some edibles stronger than others? Hold on to your socks, these aren’t grandma’s cookies.

We can trace cannabis edible consumption back more than 50,000 years, when our early ancestors stumbled upon the plant. In fact, cannabis consumption though edibles were more popular than smoking it. As the plant was grown for fiber and food, they started to also use it as medicine. In fact, cannabis consumption can be linked to what scientists call the “Great Leap” when our ancestors began to use music, religion, and agriculture.  Pot in Pans: A History of Eating Cannabis by Robyn Lawrence Griggs takes in depth investigation into how our cultures grew around eating cannabis. Moving forward in time, we see a treat known as “Mahjoun”, similar to the “Medjool” made from dates. The Mahjoun was made with hash, sweeteners, and a variety of spices. Originally from Persia, they traveled to India by 1100 AD, “The Indian mahjoun was a sweet; it was super spicy and buttery, and it was delicious, more of a food, In Persia it was more or less street hash; they would mix it with sesame and sugar, but it was super strong—a lot of times it was mixed with a plant called datura [also known as jimsonweed], which is not a fun high at all.” Taken from Leafly’s article on the history of edibles, which can be found Here even a hash infused drink called “Bhang” was given to warriors before battle. With the start of the US War on Drugs in the 1970’s the drink was forced into hiding. However, as the rich loved the beverage, a honey, spiced, and cannabis infused yogurt drink known as Bhang Lasssi can still be found in most of India. In medieval times, cannabis was made into drinks as an aphrodisiac; and by 1954 “hashish fudge” another form of the Mahjoun was in cookbooks, specifically The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook, ready for thousands of Americans to bake at home.

Now available in many different forms, flavors, and potencies, these pot laced wonders have been around for thousands of years, and humans have pretty much always enjoyed them. So why did we stop eating it? Well science could argue that the negative effects of smoking versus eating cannabis are obvious, what isn’t is why edibles are more potent, but take longer to affect you. Smoking the plant mostly came from the quick onset, as well as the different effects it gave versus eating the substance. When eaten, THC reacts with the liver and becomes 11-Hydroxy metabolite, and it is 5 times the strength of THC when smoked. Edibles have come a long way since they Mahjoun, and we know so much more about our endocannabinoid system than ever. Scientists have long discovered that THC binds well the fat. More fat, more THC that can bind and stick.

Firstly, we need to discover what extracts are used for edibles. As of now, the market in Sacramento contains mostly distillate or live resin edibles. It’s more difficult to find edibles made with cannabis infused butter or coconut oil. Now, we see cannabis infused MCT oil, which is another carrier for the cannabinoids that does bind well without adding extra fat. Distillate extract is great for those searching for high THC without any other cannabinoids in the extract. Live resin is filled with cannabinoids and terpenes native to the plant, and therefore provides a more detailed entourage effect than its Distillate cousin. This can also be more beneficial for any medical patients who use the cannabinoids to gain relief from ailments.

Most edibles are made with distillate oil, as it contains little to no weed flavor and has a high THC content. These edibles can come in a wide variety of flavors and some use extra terpenes for more catered effects. Wyld uses a distillate and terpene blend for most of their gummies; adding in extract of CBD, CBG, or CBN to specific gummies. Their pear gummies contain CBG for example, which has been proven to help ease the symptoms of IBS and other gut issues. Others, like their elderberry gummies, contain extract of CBN, which helps people stay in REM sleep, an incredibly reparative sleep for the brain. Other brands such as Camino use a similar method of distillate extract with added terps for an effect. Their midnight blueberry gummies contain linalool that aids in relaxation, so the gummies help you fall asleep and stay asleep with the added CBN extract. Some gummies, like those made by Lime and Lost Farms, are made with live resin or full spectrum extracts. These do contain some weed flavor, however the terpenes and added flavors of the gummies truly covers the cannabis taste. Lime has a large number or flavors and effects; their sativa pineapple gummies are great for adding a summertime flavor to any occasion. While their indica grape gummies make the perfect bedtime treat. Lost Farms makes 2 different kinds of live resin gummies; one being more of a gummy coin and the other having more of a now and later texture to them. Both fruit chews contain live resin extract as well as added terpenes for awesome flavors and effects. Their peach mimosa gummies are made with a blend of Clementine and Purple Punch for an uplifting and happy high that eases body pain without keeping you locked to the couch.

While there are many more kinds of edibles on the market, the Sacramento area is filled with different types of gummies that all have amazing and different effects. More and more brands are starting to release chocolate bars, rice crispy treats, and cookies while others stick to what’s more popular.  Whether you’re looking to relax on the couch, fall asleep, or have a morning treat; there’s an edible for you.

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