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delta 8 thc


Cannabis contains over 150 cannabinoids and terpenes that make up what we know and love about the effects of the plant. THC, more specifically Delta 9 THC is the more common and more produced version of the psychoactive cannabinoid. Delta 8 THC, another cannabinoid found in cannabis is less produced by the plant but has its own benefits. So, what is Delta 8 THC, and how is it different from the other cannabinoids? 

Delta 8 THC made its way onto shelves almost everywhere in 2021 and became a staple for many. Delta 8 offered a milder buzz than its Delta 9 family. Other benefits of consuming Delta 8 ranged from reduced anxiety to helping those fall asleep. For many users however, Delta 8 seemed a great alternative to avoiding drug tests, and still getting high. Unfortunately, Delta 8 is still recognized on a drug test, and many lost their jobs for the consumption of Delta 8. The California government informed all smoke shops and other carries that Delta 8 was still a psychoactive substance, and therefore belonged in deliveries and dispensaries licensed to sell cannabis. Not so shocking to some, but annoying to most, Delta 8 was ripped off smoke shop shelves everywhere.

Delta 8 THC is most found in the Hemp plant, not the cannabis plant. Stores found their loopholes for sale by deriving the cannabinoid from hemp, thus creating a legal substance to get high on. Almost. Because Delta 8 is still psychoactive, the FDA banned the sales of Delta 8 in stores that were not licensed to sell cannabis. Another reason for the switch was the large number of adolescents that were consuming the drug and ending up in hospitals, as many contained harmful chemicals used to derive the cannabinoid. While that all seems super scary, Delta 8 still has amazing benefits when derived safely and can offer a milder effect better catered for other needs than the delta 9 cousin. According to The University of Buffalo, they conducted a field study to ask New Yorkers about their use of Delta 8; users most found that pain relief, relaxation, and euphoria were the top reasons people were using Delta 8, accompanied by little to no anxiety from most users, this seems like a great alternative to the more paranoid friends that need a little relaxation.

While Delta 8 alone can be hard to find, similar effects have been found with using a high CBD to THC rationed product. The Wyld 2:1 peach gummy offers a 10mg CBD to 5mg THC ratio, perfect to cut in half for a smaller dose, and offers many benefits in calming down and providing relaxation without feeling the need to sleep. Or for the euphoria associated with Delta 8, trying the Sparkling Pear gummies from Camino would brighten anyone’s mood. The 2 mg of THC and 6 mg of CBD combine for a light and euphoric buzz that tingles the body. If one is looking to sleep, the Camino Midnight Blueberry gummies contain CBN and added terpenes to ensure a relaxing and restful sleep with each low dose gummy. Many users of Delta 8 claimed that it also helped to reduce the side effects of irritable bowel syndrome, increased the appetite, and helped to alleviate other gut issues. While this was never proven or studied, and only testimonials can be found, the patients claimed the relaxing benefits of delta 8 calmed their gut issues down. For those looking for a similar benefit, the Wyld Pear gummies contain CBG, which is amazing for gut health as well as enhancing motivation and pleasure, new research finds.  Some other benefits reported by testimonials of Delta 8 THC users were a “floaty feeling” that did help some cut their alcohol addictions.

Some new research into Delta 8 THC has shown that it may be a great brain protector. Science shows that the cannabinoid can bond to the neurotransmitters in our brain, helping to protect us from degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Delta 8 has also been found to relieve nausea and help ease some of the side effects associated with Cancer treatments.  More information about this can be found here. Harvard also conducted some research into the benefits of Delta 8 in cancer patients, and their research can be found here. While more research is needed to really understand all the benefits of Delta 8 and the other cannabinoids, we do know that low amounts of delta 8 can be found in hemp and does hold benefits when combined with the other cannabinoids and terpenes in hemp.

Delta 8 THC is not as widely available anymore due to the limitations on it. However, some brands, such as LIME carry a small line of Delta 8 gummies, great for anyone wanting to try the cannabinoid alone. Whatever your needs, Dank City has your back delivering to Sacramento and most surround areas such as Roseville and Elk Grove. Our team is ready to help with all your local weed delivery needs.