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What are Weed Concentrates? Types of Concentrates, Learn Here!

Weed Concentrates


The more evident cannabis results become, the more fun ways to enjoy cannabis are hitting the marketplace.  According to a study by NCBI, a majority of adults strongly agree that cannabis is therapeutic and helpful for treating intractable pain and terminal illness.  

Weed concentrates are a potent method of enjoying the cannabis plant. Weed is cool until you get blown away with terms like weed concentrates, shatter, wax, and more that are floating around. With concentrates enjoying the best parts of cannabis in an array of ways becomes hassle-free. 

Check out our guide to weed concentrates and types of concentrates to fully appreciate the world of weed. 


What are Weed Concentrates?

Weed concentrates are the extracts of the desired part of the plant. These concentrates contain all the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, none of the excess parts of the cannabis plant. To attain concentrates, there are various extraction processes that explain a slew of concentrates availability in the market.

Concentrates have high potency as compared to other cannabis types. The high potency can make THC levels reach over 60% to 90%, varying in type. Weed concentrates are highly preferable among cannabis pros who prefer to go for strong cannabis products. 

Types of Concentrates

Cannabis is a complex plant, and so are its types. Multiple types of concentrates are fun to experiment with and to help you articulate; we are sharing the types with easy distinctions.

1. Hash
hashHash is the OG concentrate type in the cannabis world. In ancient times, hash was obtained using buds to get a sticky final product. Hash is a thick material of collected trichomes. It has a high THC level of up to 90% and is available in both oily and dry forms to use.

2. Shatter
shatterShatter is the purest form of concentrate with glass-like consistency. You can distinguish it from the name, which has its origin from the glass-like look. Shatter is usually clear or brownish in color. To derive the purest form of cannabis, shatter goes through an additional purifying step resulting in the purest final product.

3. Live Resin
live resinFor pals, who enjoy the taste of great fragrance, Live Resin is a go-to concentrate for them. The intense flavor and aroma of resin are a result of the frozen-thawed flower and the extraction process. Great for those who enjoy mediocre THC levels of 50% to 60% intensity and pungent flavors in their dabs.

4. Rosin
rosinLooking for taste? You have to choose rosin, a super tasty concentrate obtained from the solventless extraction process. Rosin fits the choices of health-conscious people list pretty easily due to solventless extracts with limited flavors. Not only is it a famous weed concentrate among all types but also the simplest concentrates to prepare.

5. Crumble
crumbleCrumble is a name taken from the crumble’s structure. This concentrate is easy to crumble, famously known as honeycomb wax which is fragile due to the BHO extraction process. Additionally, crumble is easy to handle for beginners and a great choice to use with blunts or joints.

6. Badder/Batter/Budder
badderBadder/Batter/Budder, it has a buttery/creamy consistency. It contains both cannabinoids and terpenes. However, it is different from cannabutter (cannabis-infused butter). For smokers, it is a fine choice, to begin with and add to joints, blunts, and sniffs.

7. Distillate
distillateDistillate is a concentrated oil made through a compound distillation process to separate THC from other extracts in the plant. It is an incredible potency and can reach up to 99% THC levels. It does not have an abundance of terpenes and is less flavorful in terms of smoke. For those who smoke vape would probably have experienced it already.

Types of Extraction Methods

As you have been through the types of THC concentrates, let us take a look at the extraction practices that help you get these products. Extraction can be categorized into two main categories, which are solvent-based extraction and solventless extraction. Continue reading to understand these terms better. 

  • Solvent-based Extraction

As the name suggests, in solvent-based extraction, cannabis concentrates is extracted using a chemical. The primary objective of extraction is to strip the trichomes from the cannabis plant, as it is a wholesome combination of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. It is a fast and cost-saving solution to extract the desired material from cannabis and get most of the plant. Numerous ways of solvents can come in handy for solvent-based extraction, such as ethanol, carbon dioxide (CO2), butane, and olive oil.

  • Solventless

Extraction Solvent-free extraction is self-explanatory when using a specific region’s threshold for residual. Solventless extraction is popular among shoppers who do not want to consume any solvents and are very particular about their food products. However, it does not imply that having products extracted from solventless extraction will ensure zero solvents. There are always chances of residual solvents and even states and countries limits such as 1000 parts per million in cannabis oil.  

How to Consume Concentrates? 

Once you have considered the type of cannabis concentrates and made a choice to opt for a solvent-based product or solventless product, last but not least is how to use concentrates correctly. We have got you covered with that too, we have narrowed down the options and listed down three ways to consume concentrates.

  • Dabbing

Dabbing requires you to heat the weed concentrate to a high temperature in order to inhale it to enjoy its potent effects. To dab, you will need dab rigs and other weed accessories. Find the best weed accessories and cannabis products of your choice at Dank City Delivery online store.

  • Vaping

You probably would have heard about vaping. Vaping is a convenient, time-saving, and budget-friendly way to take advantage of cannabis concentrate. If you are on a budget for cannabis, vape pens are convenient as it allows minimal wastage of product. There are exemplary products available for use in the vape category that can easily fit your pocket.

  • Bowls

Here comes the not-so-famous way to use cannabis concentrates, but it can be interesting for many. It does not include a hefty investment, just a bowl, lighter, and cannabis product. It is usually practiced with wax, or wax-based weed concentrates.


To conclude, weed concentrates are an amazing and highly effective method to consume cannabis. You can concentrate in numerous forms and can be utilized through various practices. If you are keen to try cannabis concentrate, buy the best cannabis concentrate deals at Dank City Delivery. 

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