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4/20 Weed day


The History of Weed Day 420 Holiday

April 20th has become a holiday for the cannabis community, but how did it all begin? Celebrated by cannabis consumers from all walks of life, this special day has quite this history behind it. San Francisco is known for holding a giant celebration for 420 in the Golden Gate Park off Haight and Ashbury, better known as “Hippy Hill” for the large number of gatherings that happened here starting in the early 60’s when acid was all the rage. From Bob Dylan’s music to the codes called by police, we will explore the rumors of this weed holiday, as well as the true meaning of 420. It’s time to get blazed with some of your favorites delivered by Dank City and smoke up the history of 4/20.

Cue the “Bad Boys” By the Inner Circle, this first rumor is all about cops. The police have almost always been a bad time for stoners. Usually, they meant our weed was getting taken away, or worse, going to jail. But back in the 70’s with the origin of 420, people speculated that “420” was the code called by cops to say that weed was being consumed near them. Rumors spread and before long, everyone was using the code to initiate safety meeting all over. While we wish we could say the stoner community just got petty against the cops, we’re smarter than to just reuse the same numbers that were taking us down. Spark up that 5 pack of Dovetail pre-rolls with your best friends and revel in the fact that 420 wasn’t created by the law enforcement.

Another fun rumor about the origin of this weed holiday centers around music legend Bod Dylan and his song “Rainy Day Women NO. 12 &35”. These speculations started mostly because 12 time 35 equals 420; largely also in part with how much of the plant Dylan consumed. Many other speculate that it was to celebrate the first Earth Day, which started back on 4/22/1970, while these don’t share the same day, it was rumored that many of the activists who fought for Earth Day and many of the Clean Air and Water regulations we see today, all met on 4/20/1969 to discuss to plans. While not much backs up this claim, mostly as it is just a rumor, it’s a cool one. You can read more about the history of Earth Day by following this link: Earth Day. Why not celebrate Earth Day with mother nature’s perfect bounty: cannabis. Take a stroll down the American River trail in Sacramento or the Johnny Cash Trail in Folsom, don’t forget to pack the Camino Gummies, their tins are perfect for travel. Appreciate the beauty of nature and the amazing high you’ll get from these gummies; just don’t forget to pack up all your trash on the way out!

Weed Day 420 Holiday has become a day to celebrate the joys of consuming weed, but how did it actually begin? The closest to an origin story starts at a high school back in 1971. Five students, who remain mostly anonymous, would meet once week after practice to follow a treasure map. The map lead to some free bud, grown originally by a Coast Guard member who could no longer care for his crop. The 5 students would meet up, get blazed, and search the woods for the free buds. While we’ll probably never know if they actually found the buds, these friends made they’re way into Grateful Dead shows, hanging out with band members while helping to load, unload, and set up all the stuff for the band. When passed a joint “alright 4:20” and the word quickly got around. Dead Heads helped to move the new term out of the small high school and onto the national level, where everyone now knows what 420 really means. A full story on those California High Schoolers can be found here: History of 420

While the history of 420 is surrounded in a fog, we can all agree on one thing, it’s a better excuse than any to get high. With many dispensaries and deliveries running specials and discounts all month, but especially the day of, the stoner community takes the time to stock up for the big event. Its like the super bowl, except a lot less arguing over which team is better. Call or text us here at Dank City for all your 420, and other daily cannabis needs. Check out our social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for coupons and weekend deals.

Have a Dank Day!