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Indica Sativa Hybrid Strains

Indica Sativa Hybrid Strains


Indica Sativa Hybrid Strains-Do they really mean what they say?

Indica Sativa Hybrid Strains of Cannabis. As smokers, whether you have been around for a while or are brand new, everyone has heard these terms for cannabis. Indica Sativa Hybrid strains can be found on almost every product label! Indica is typically for nighttime, sativa for day, and hybrids if you want something in between. New research suggests that these blanket terms, once used to categorize how the bud made you feel, are better words for the physical traits of the plant, not the high. Michael Pollen, the author of “A Botany of Desire”, said that cannabis is a “domesticated species that [humans] have been co-evolving with for a very long time.”, and that is very true. For many years, humans have been crossing top-shelf weed strains every which way trying to find the new, best thing. So how did we come to use these blanket terms as law for how the plant is supposed to make you feel?

Some brief history is needed to understand how we got the naming system to start. Cannabis Sativa, originally name by Swedish Botanist Carl Linnaeus in 1753. He, and many others in his time, saw this plant to have thin leaves and that grew very tall. Some time later, other strains of cannabis were discovered in the Hindu Mountains; and these were called Cannabis Indica, for their short bodies and dark, thick leaves. One less known of cannabis plant, known as Ruderalis, grew in parts of Russia. Another thing that Linnaeus noticed were that cannabis had male and female plants, and only the female plants produced the buds needed for that awesome high human-beings were looking for, even then.

Skipping forward in time to the 1970’s when American’s were able to bring back some of the indica from the Hindu Mountains. The creation of hybrid plants was to enable growers to grow in different climates in the US, as well as crossing them again with Ruderalis plants, which further decreased flowering times. All this initial crossing was done to prevent plants from being seen during the Reagan administrations War on Drugs.

So why do we use this binary of classifications for weed? Extensive crossbreeding has made it so that even short and dark leaved plants, can hold compounds more closely related to that of “sativa” high. Scientists believe that there never was a pure sample of the indica or sativa plant, so there is no way to officially test the genetics of the plant. Weed is classified typically by examining the terpenes and cannabinoids found in the plant, and what has a higher potency. Thc Cbd Cannabinoid Varieties and Cannabis Terpens and Benefits both have amazing details on how and why this works. So, a bud that has a high content of Linalool and CBN is amazing for sleep and will more than likely be labeled indica. Oppositely, a strain that has a high THC content and limonene content would be labeled for its daytime or sativa like effects. So what do indica sativa hybrid strains really do for you?

Indica effects are typically labeled for their potent relaxing abilities. They help to provide relief to those suffering from pain as well as lull the insomniac to sleep. They contain terpenes such as linalool and myrcene to ease away stress and tension in the body. Indica strains tend to have more of a floral, earthy, berry, or peppery flavor profile to them based on their terpenes. According to The Lodge Cannabis some of the most popular indica strains are Purple Kush, Skywalker OG, Death Star, and Grease Monkey.

Sativa’s are most often labeled for their uplifting and energy giving effects. They often have citrus or gassy flavors to them and their terpenes very greatly. Sativa strains very in effects as well, ranging from mood boosting and creative, to energizing and uplifting. Sativa’s are amazing for those looking to ease the symptoms associated with depression.  Home Grown Cannabis ranks the top sativa strains as Bruce Banner, Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, and Jack Herer.

Hybrid strains are normally categorized based on the entourage effect given from consuming them. They don’t drag too far into either the uplifting or the sleepy side and tend to live on a balance between the two. Praised for their varying effects, hybrids have made their way into the hearts of us all. Soul Rebel Cannabis says some of the best hybrid strains are Mandarin Cookies, Lilac Diesel, Tropic Thunder, and White Widow.

Chasing the entourage effect can sound incredibly difficult after that, but it’s even easier than you’d think. Most companies do test for their terpenes and make this information available to the consumer. Brands like LOLO and Lime both have QR code scanners on the packaging to see the testing of the flower. Feeling unsure? Try something new! Dank City has great deals to help Sacramento Cannabis Delivery customers in the greater Sacramento and surrounding areas. Ask for a great recommendation or tell us how you want to feel and let us blow your mind with new information. 

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