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How about Cannabis on St Patricks Day? With Saint Patrick’s Day around the corner, there is going to be many deals and discounts involving drinking alcohol. However, for many, alcohol is not a preference for their choice of consumption. Cannabis delivery services like Dank City Delivery offer many substitutes for the typical Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations. From vapes and edibles to pre-roll packs to share with friends, we’ve got you covered. Our drivers are well stocked with all your celebration needs. So, what’s the best strains and products for a party or gathering? Let’s delve right in!

Cavi Cones offer heavily infused pre-rolls that pack a serious punch. With flavors like Original Gangster and Good Day these strains offer potent flavors with a heavy dose of THC great for relaxing after work and preparing for some Cannabis on St Patricks Day. Dovetail offers great pre-roll packs that help get the party started. Their hybrid Big Apple is sweet and flavorful bringing on mood boosting and talkative effects. Maybe the indica Cherry Gushers is more what you’re after, with flavors of intense cherry and a relaxing yet mentally stimulating high. Lime carries 1.5-gram hash and live resin infused pre-rolls that have extra terpenes in them for a more potent flavor. Whether you try the hybrid Banana Split or the more indica dominant Watermelon Runtz, both are sure to relax the mind without couch-locking the body.

While everyone can agree a great pre-roll is perfect for getting the party started, a more discreet and easy way to consume your cannabis on Saint Patrick’s Day is with a vape. Lime offers awesome all-in-one disposable vapes that can be recharged for maximum usage of their full 1-gram cartridge. The sativa Apple Fritter tastes of delectable apples and brings on a sociable yet relaxed state of mind. What could be better than a deliciously berry Blue Dream strain, also available with the Lime all-in-one vapes. Stiiizy offers great pods that are a perfect blend of THC and CBD for a calming high great for surviving a crowd. Try the half-gram Juicy Melon or the full-gram Mango 1:1 pods for a refreshing twist to your vape. Want intense flavor and don’t want to sacrifice potency? How about the Americanna Sour Tangie, offering a citrus and sour blend that boosts energy and mood; or the Peaches & Lean, a true hybrid strain that tastes of sweet peach and leaves users feeling relaxed and talkative.

Edibles are always a great alternative to smoking cannabis or consuming alcohol. Edibles offer a more potent high that smoking can, and come in a wide variety of delicious flavors. Our friends at Lime offer Sativa Guava and equally amazing Lemon Lime flavors to keep your mood and energy levels up. Wyld carries a delectably sweet Raspberry gummy that is perfect for lifting the mood and getting a party started, while the Wyld Huckleberry can bring on happiness and laughter. Camino offers unique gummies like the 2:6 THC CBD Sparkling Social Pear. A flavorful gummy that brings on a euphoric relaxation of the body from the CBD with a light and tinging mental stimulation great for keeping the conversation going. Wyld also offers Pear gummies, carrying a unique blend of CBG and THC this gummy is great for easing away upset tummies. Syrups and Tinctures are a great way to still feel “normal” at the party without consuming any alcohol. Lime offers 1000 mg syrup, easily dosed and tasty, for a potent and full spectrum buzz. Flavors like Pineapple, Honeydew, and Guava are sure to blend into any drink, or try the Lemon Lime for a slightly green addition to your mixer of choice.

No matter how you celebrate with Cannabis on Saint Patrick’s Day, Dank City Delivery has your back. With so many options to choose from, we have all your essentials for cannabis. Next time you’re throwing a party, or attending a celebration, make sure you have all the right products to keep the gathering exciting.

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