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Cannabis Brands and Product we Deliver directly to You

Cannabis Brands and Product we Deliver directly to You


Welcome to Dank City Delivery, Sacramento’s best Cannabis Delivery Service! We are very glad you’re here with us! We offer a wide variety of products from flower and concentrates to edibles and vapes. We are happy to walk you through the process of ordering with us on our easy-to-use menu. Want to know some of our favorite brands, or know what we have to offer? Let’s take a look!

Our Flowers and Pre-rolls

Here with us at Dank City, you can always expect to find great quality flower and pre-rolls at a price that is guaranteed to knock your socks off. Our SoCal friends over at Lime brought us some amazing products; like the 1-gram “Wedding Pie”. Absolutely delectable taste and perfect if you’re just looking for a little something for your personal pipe. Or give the Golden State Cannabis “Blackened Afgoo” 3.5-grams a taste; perfect for the joint roller looking for something high testing. Don’t want to roll but still in the market for a great joint? Dovetail makes convenient pre-roll packs of “Big Apple” and “Cherry Gushers”, both have a fruity and sweet flavor, with very different effects. Infused pre-rolls like the “Berzerker” from Caviar Gold are also a great way to spend some time in the clouds without shelling out too much from the wallet. Dank City also offers a wide selection of pre-ground and small buds for the smokers that don’t want to grind their flower. Brands like Sierra Hills have amazing “Blue Dream Strain” and “Legend OG” 14-gram bags that will leave you fully satisfied both financially and mentally.

Local Favorites like the THC Design “Crescendo” are a high THC testing, pure sativa that will get you going for whatever adventures you have planned, even if it is just doing some chores around the house. Another local favorite is the Seven Leaves “Slush”; with amazing purple buds and gassy smell this great hybrid tastes like a cold slushy on a summer day. 

Concentrates and Vapes

Our concentrate and vape selections are unbeatable. We carry sugar, shatter, crumbles, batters, and budders; plus, a staff that’s happy to explain the difference. Natural Gold brings us some amazing shatters, clean and pure, great tasting as well, it won’t be a sacrifice. Smoakland just brought us some amazing new crumbles, like their “Bubble Gum Gelato” a great tasting indica ready to help you relax into the couch or bed. Want to get your day started with Smoakland, too? Have some “Cereal Milk” that will give you that nostalgic feeling of watching cartoons on Saturday morning. Lime loves to bring us amazing concentrates, and we can always count on a fantastic taste, too; the “Sour Diesel” Wet Batter tastes even better than it smells. You can also count on us to carry your favorite Cookies options, like the “Sweet Tea Diamonds n Sauce” or the “Sticky Buns Diamonds n Sauce” both with their own amazing taste that will bring anyone back to granny’s front porch.

Vapes are a great way to dab on the go in a convenient easy to carry pen. Stiiizy has made their way to be more than a local favorite, it’s a local staple. The Live Resin “Banana Pudding” pod is a great hybrid with fruity notes that will have you ready for adventures or Netflix. Lime makes full gram all in one vapes that have an attached battery for those wanting to give vaping a try; the “Apple Fritter” is a breakfast like sativa happy to help you start the day on the sweet side. Love vaping and want to wind-down for the night, the “Alien Huckleberry” from Americanna will have you giggling all the way to Mars.

Edibles and CBD

Edibles should be just as fun as the flower or concentrate you consume and should taste even better. The team over at Lime make great tasting gummies that come in all sorts of flavors, labeled so you know what feelings you’re getting into. The pineapple sativa gummies will have you feeling like you should be partying on the beach; and the Pink Lemonade indica gummies are a great way to relax. Wyld also carries amazing gummies that come in a wide variety of effects. The Huckleberry Hybrid is a giggly way to continue the day, great for a local Sacramento comedy show! If you need some extra pain or anxiety relief, Wyld’s 2:1 Peach or the 1:1 Pomegranate gummies are the perfect mix of THC and CBD for a calming effect that won’t lock you into a couch. The Elderberry Sleep gummies also have a not-so-secret ingredient, CBN, which is amazing for helping your body stay in that much needed REM sleep.

We cannot forget about our awesome friends with Camino, they have some fantastic flavor combinations with edibles that come in a convenient easy to carry tin. Flavors like the Pineapple Habanero “uplift” gummies are a great way to reach your inner explorer. The Sour Orchard Peach “balance” is a 1:1 hybrid that combines the amazing CBD in to provide a calming effect, like meditation in a gummy. The ‘social” Pear gummies are a great way to get very little THC and CBD in a great tasting gummy for those that are new, but still want all the benefits.

We deliver Cannabis to Sacramento, Roseville, Granite Bay, Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, Folsom, Elk Grove, and most surrounding areas! Give us a call or text at 916-304-5313 every day of the week from 9am – 830 pm.

Try out our selection today, you won’t be disappointed!

Thank You,

Dank City Delivery