Seven Leaves – Grease Monkey Joint – 1g


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Seven Leaves
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GG 4 and Cookies and Cream got to monkeying around producing this smooth, indica dominant (70/30) strain. Known for it’s hazy, calm, relaxation, this strain is an excellent choice for winding down at the end of the day. Be sure to hit up Costco on the way home, this strain will leave you swingin’ in the trees with the munchies.

1 review for Seven Leaves – Grease Monkey Joint – 1g

  1. Mark

    When you’re hanging with your friends, everyone trying to top everyone else with the best smoke, just pull out the Grease Monkey, and you will own bragging rights. Piney and delicious, this is will waste you and 5 friends, with all aromatic bud, no derivatives.

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