House Flower Bag-Mendo Breath-Indica 1 Oz-26% THC

House Flower Bag-Mendo Breath-Indica 1 Oz-26% THC


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House Flower
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With it being one of the strains that aren’t as noticeable when it comes down to the smell. The feeling of it on the other hand is a whole experience on its own that compliments the slight scent with its very gradual not so significant haziness but still without slacking to bring in its amazing capability of winding down the user down before going to bed.

1 review for House Flower Bag-Mendo Breath-Indica 1 Oz-26% THC

  1. 4 out of 5


    Bought this for a gathering I was having at my place, we didn’t go crazy and go through it all in one night or anything like that but we did smoke a substantial amount. I just remember how great and relaxed I felt while chilling on my couch watching my friends zone out or just ramble on about some random stuff. All I know for sure is that we were not prepared when it came down to the snacks we totally didn’t get enough. Bit of advice if you’re gonna smoke this I think its best consumed via bubbler or pipe because for me personally, joints didn’t really just work to my liking.

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