Golden State Cannabis – White Fire – 28g


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Golden State Cannabis
Golden State Cannabis
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The crossing of Fire OG and The White sparked this hot hybrid. White Fire is indica leaning (60/40), with warm, earthy aromas that turn citrus tangy on the tongue. Soon after the first blaze, an uplifted cerebral clarity sets in, followed by a slow, warm full body relaxation. If pain free productivity is what you’re looking for, look no further. This potent strain is known to be beneficial for pain, depression and finding the focus one needs to tackle that to do list.

4 reviews for Golden State Cannabis – White Fire – 28g

  1. aj5954

    DankCity you have again raised my sense of well-being. In short, I went with the recommendation of your staff, who went above & beyond to recommend this absolutely fantabulous product. Thanks again my DC Superheros!

    Hell Yeah

  2. mgarywright

    FIRE!!! It’s as White Fire should be in every aspect. Good Quality, quick and sustaining high…that keeps, climbing into your head taking you to outer fu@*ing space. See you later pain, anxiety and the overall feeling of anything, except floating on a pillow. Poof…I Highly recommend for those who want all the glorious feelings of a deep indica high without the couchlock.

  3. Fred

    Well. I’m. From New York City and only want the best and most potent strain. I am very picky. I am a very heavy smoker and this strain fits the bill. Very good. Potent. Can’t go wrong. Dank City nailed it! Kicks ass!

  4. swkuhn67

    Absolutely my favorite!! Works great for pain and anxiety. Doesn’t leave you melting in the couch. My personal experience, great/intense high that lasts about 30-45 minutes, then mellows out to allow you to carry on and be as productive as you want. Very little dry mouth compared to other flowers.

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