WYLD-Gummies-Pear-100mg Thc 100mg Cbg

4.50 out of 5

(2 customer reviews)

Sweet pear juices, a unique combination of restorative CBG (Cannabigerol, AKA the mother of all cannabinoids), and hybrid THC terpenes, produce a deliciously balanced body and soul experience. CBG can be helpful in reducing inflammation, increasing appetite and soothing anxiety. Each gummy contains a ratio of 10mg CBG to 10mg THC.



2 reviews for WYLD-Gummies-Pear-100mg Thc 100mg Cbg

  1. Dave

    I love these gummies at the end of the day, or any time I need to relax my body. They don’t overwhelm the mind but put the body in full chill mode.

  2. Andrea

    These gummies are groovy. I was totally able to take before bed and wind down slowly, riding the high!

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