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Chocolate Caramel

Flower Type:

About this product

Brand: Sensi Products

Flower type: HYBRID

Category: edible

Dose: 100mg

Quantity: 10pk

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Product Description

Sensi Chew Hybrid is a 100mg Hybrid THC chocolate caramel edible. It is infused with Hybrid THC to help relieve pain, stress, anxiety, and mood. These small but mighty chews are low calorie THC edibles, are travel friendly edibles, and do not melt. Sensi Chews are fast acting THC edibles. Designed for Time-of-Day Use People can benefit from cannabis at different times of the day. Sensi Chews 100mg THC chocolate caramels are effects based THC edibles and designed for real life. We understand you use cannabis at different times of day for different reasons. For example, you have work to do, and Sensi Chew Energy provides full spectrum THC pain relief AND anti-fatigue boost from ginseng and cannabis. Or, Sensi Chew Insomnia that combines cannabis and melatonin to help with sleep issues. Or, you just want to relieve pain or release some stress after a long week, then Sensi Chew Hybrid is a good choice. Chewy Caramel Chocolate THC Edibles – different than traditional chocolate If you love chocolate edibles with THC, Sensi Chews will satisfy those cravings. It is a tasty chocolate Hybrid THC edible caramel similar to a gourmet fudge or tootsie roll. Sensi Chew texture is soft and chewy but won’t get stuck in your teeth. Because it is a caramel form it doesn’t melt like regular chocolate. The chocolate flavor works well with a subtle taste of cannabis. Edibles That Work Fast Sensi Chews are a fast acting THC edible and designed to get in your blood stream fast. The faster an edible goes to work, the faster you find relief. Let the chew soften slowly in your mouth for 30 seconds This is called sublingual method. When absorbed through the mouth the cannabis goes to work faster. Effects start within 10-15 minutes using this method. Effects last 4-8 hrs depending on metabolism and THC tolerance.