Kamatree – Orange Crush 3.5g

3.5 GRAM
4.33 out of 5

(3 customer reviews)
THC: 31.00%

If you are looking for a mood boost, or to shake that headache, look no further. This sativa (80/20) dominant cross between California Orange and Blueberry produces a bright, citrusy aroma with powerful euphoric effects. At 30% THC be prepared for a vivid boost to your creativity, appetite and energy levels! Sun grown.




3 reviews for Kamatree – Orange Crush 3.5g

  1. Big Aaron

    The flavor on this strain is Orange Cream Popsicle. Mmmm Once u get that citrus orange smell it will surely give a spark to your day!

  2. Big Aaron

    Orange Crush should be named Orange Cream Popsicle lol. Once this strong citrus smell overwhelms your nose u will be ready for a spark to your day!

  3. Bella

    This strain is legit delicious….the citrus smell is divine…price and quality is off the charts!

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