Golden State Cannabis-Wakanda-Smalls 3.5g

3.5 GRAM
0 out of 5

THC: 30.00%

Need to take the edge off? All the superb traits of it's parentage Cookies x OG Kush x GG#4 this strain delivers a well balanced experience with a notable boost in mood almost instantly. Calming and perfect for those looking to increase appetite, smooth out mood swings and/or increase productivity. Wakanda has a spicy, sweet aroma and is slightly pungent and floral on the smoke.




1 review for Golden State Cannabis-Wakanda-Smalls 3.5g

  1. lois

    Holy sh*t this is rad! tupid happy right away then my sides hurt from mad rash of laughs, the munchies hit hard🤘🏻

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