Eureka- White Buffalo-28g

5.00 out of 5

(2 customer reviews)
THC: 24.00%

White Buffalo, also known as 'Tatanka', is as highly sought after, and as rare a find as the white buffalo in Native American tradition. The trifecta Romulan, Blackberry Kush and Bay 11 strains create this stellar sativa dominant (80/20) offspring. Earthy aromas of pepper and mint smoke into a head rush of euphoria. The indica in this strain warms and relaxes the body while the mind roams in blissful creativity, clarity and focus. Excellent for day time use, finally tackling the garage, sparking creative ventures, and enhancing social interactions.




2 reviews for Eureka- White Buffalo-28g

  1. Marie

    Always feel lucky when I come across this strain. Next level nirvana experience.

  2. ReKhan

    Always on time! Not just for the daytime (which is completely fantabulous), but is exceptionally enjoyable at midnight s well! i think the “white Buffalo” is now amongst my newest animal spirits. 😉

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