420 weed day holiday

Weed Day 420 Holiday

WEED DAY 420 HOLIDAY The History of Weed Day 420 Holiday April 20th has become a holiday for the cannabis community, but how did it all begin? Celebrated by cannabis consumers from all walks of life, this special day has quite this history behind it. San Francisco is known for holding a giant celebration for […]

cannabis edibles history sacramento

Cannabis Edibles History Sacramento

WHERE DID THE EDIBLES COME FROM? Lets talk about Cannabis Edibles History in Sacramento. Cookies, brownies, gummies, candies, and drinks. All these things can be made into an edible, defined as a food that contains cannabis. Some prefer their edibles to be a certain texture or have very little to no cannabis taste. Edibles can […]

cookies thc mushroom caps

Cookies Thc Mushroom Caps

COOKIES THC MUSHROOM CAPS Let’s talk about  Cookies Thc Mushroom Caps. Not just the kind we see in some foods, but some of the ones we don’t see. Recently, Cookies launched “Caps”, a mushroom infused THC capsule that provides interesting effects. While psilocybin isn’t legal here in California, some counties have made steps for decriminalization […]

cannabis on st patricks day

Cannabis on St Patricks Day

CANNABIS ON ST PATRICKS DAY How about Cannabis on St Patricks Day? With Saint Patrick’s Day around the corner, there is going to be many deals and discounts involving drinking alcohol. However, for many, alcohol is not a preference for their choice of consumption. Cannabis delivery services like Dank City Delivery offer many substitutes for […]

delta 8 thc by dank city delivery

What is Delta 8 Thc?

WHAT IS DELTA 8 THC? Cannabis contains over 150 cannabinoids and terpenes that make up what we know and love about the effects of the plant. THC, more specifically Delta 9 THC is the more common and more produced version of the psychoactive cannabinoid. Delta 8 THC, another cannabinoid found in cannabis is less produced […]

undertsanding indica sativa hybrid strains

Indica Sativa Hybrid Strains

Indica Sativa Hybrid Strains-Do they really mean what they say? Indica Sativa Hybrid Strains of Cannabis. As smokers, whether you have been around for a while or are brand new, everyone has heard these terms for cannabis. Indica Sativa Hybrid strains can be found on almost every product label! Indica is typically for nighttime, sativa […]

dank city delivery cannabis terpenes guide sacramento

Benefits of Cannabis Terpenes

Cannabis Terpenes: What are they and what do they do? Think of the different aromas you get with different strains. Think about strains that smell and taste like citrus, why do most of them make you feel happy or uplifted? Or what about the ones that smell floral, why do those make you relaxed? Limonene […]

thc cbd cannabinoid varieties guide

Thc Cbd Cannabinoid Varieties Guide

THC CBD CANNABINOID VARIETIES GUIDE Thc Cbd Cannabis Varieties Guide: Ever wondered what exactly give you that giggling feeling when you inhale some of your favorite buds? Why does some bud make you tired while others make the munchies come on stronger than anything? Why are some strains better medicine while others are great for […]

dank city delivery cannabis brands and products

Cannabis Products in Sacramento

Cannabis Brands and Product we Deliver directly to You Welcome to Dank City Delivery, Sacramento’s best Cannabis Delivery Service! We are very glad you’re here with us! We offer a wide variety of products from flower and concentrates to edibles and vapes. We are happy to walk you through the process of ordering with us […]

the future of cannabis delivery sacramento

Future of Cannabis Delivery Sacramento

The future of Cannabis Delivery in Sacramento! The Perfect Day It’s the day off you’ve finally been waiting for. The responsibilities have all checked themselves out for the day, heck you even decided to spark up that joint you rolled last night to start your morning. Feeling great, with your wake and baked coffee mug […]

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